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Payment method: cash or bank transfer.

Most of the goods 3KDT Thien Thanh provides are ordered from abroad.

Therefore, payment terms are also divided into 2 installments:

Phase 1: Pre-order 50% of order value immediately upon ordering.

Phase 2: When the goods arrive at 3KDT Thien Thanh warehouse, you will receive a delivery notification. Need to pay the remaining 50% via COD shipping, cash or bank transfer.

For special payment terms, please contact 3KDT Thien Thanh directly.

Payment account:


Account number: At Vietcombank - Binh Tay Branch

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3KDT Thien Thanh offers free shipping in Vietnam.

Shipping method: Express delivery in Vietnam. 

In Ho Chi Minh City, shipping can be done through express delivery units.

Warranty policy >>

3KDT Thien Thanh provides services of importing and distributing genuine electronic goods at the lowest cost.

Thin profits, top product quality, 3KDT Thien Thanh helps businesses and individuals optimize investment costs but bring the best results.

With the above positive things, 3KDT Thien Thanh does not accept long-term product warranties. However, 3KDT Thien Thanh is committed to providing maximum support for customers to connect with distributors to find out the causes and directions for warranty treatment according to each specific source of goods.

Return and refund policy >>

Customers can exchange goods in the following cases:

  Detected that the supplied goods did not match the order. Customers do not incur any additional costs.

Defective products are subject to exchange by the distributor or manufacturer. The cost of shipping goods abroad is shared and supported by 3KDT Thien Thanh and customers. Shipping costs must be paid by the distributor or manufacturer.

Customers will receive a refund in the following cases:

3KDT Thien Thanh cannot provide goods as ordered. Refund all of your deposit.

3KDT Thien Thanh did not provide enough goods as ordered. The two parties agree that if there is no plan to fully supply the goods as in the order, 3KDT Thien Thanh will refund the deposit corresponding to the amount of goods that cannot be provided.

Privacy policy >>

3KDT Thien Thanh keeps customer information, order information, and end user information confidential with third parties (except at the request of the distributor or manufacturer).